2018 Audi A3 Specs, Price, And Release Date

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The presence of Audi A3 has been widely known in its markets since its first production that was in 1996. Until now, it has a consistent battle with other compact cars. Audi wants to give you something different that you can clearly see in 2018 Audi A3. They want to achieve more popularity since the previous model was grown and be the favorite car in global markets. When we are talking about this car, what comes to our mind is the stylish, luxury, and effective quality design. We are pretty sure that they will go aggressively in the future competition by adding several improvements to this car especially for its performance and design styling.

2018 Audi A3 Redesign
2018 Audi A3 Exterior

Audi’s big weapon is to make their rivals like have nothing. It can happen because Audi will highlight this new 2018 Audi A3 with the visual changes for its bodywork. It is quite promising that the company would add a luxury and aggressive styling cues for its future. This luxury sedan features new bumper, exhaust system, and alloy wheels. What is more is that the bodywork will be constructed from lightweight materials but for this one is still a rumor that has not been confirmed yet by Audi. If this comes to be true, we would be happy for that. The lower weight will cut its current weight to some pounds that can give a big impact for its performance too.

2018 Audi A3 Interior

Inside, you will be amazed at its new look. Well, they provide you some improvements too. The interior layout comes with fine quality materials features modern technology specifications. The cabin is designed with premium leather to wrap the seats and the steering wheel. It means that this one is much better than the previous model with the higher level of comfort they can give to you. We also hear some unofficial sites mentioned that it is quite possible for 2018 Audi A3 to receive best riding experience with the premium audio infotainment package as well as a panoramic moonroof.
You wouldn’t be disappointed to sit in this car for a long time in a long journey because the cabin is quite entertaining. The entertainment and convenience will be enhanced without ignoring the importance of your security by adding a rearview camera, seat belts, parking assist systems and much more in 2018 Audi A3.

2018 Audi A3 Engine

Under the hood, there is no confirmation given by Audi officially but we glad we have rumors that are possible to be true. 2018 Audi A3 is possible to get 2.0 liter of the four-cylinder unit to produce 150 hp as optional and the main engine will be 1.8-liter four-cylinder to generate 170 hp. These engines are mated to six-speed auto transmission and the optional is auto-manual gearbox with the fuel consumption quite better that is 24 to 32 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway.

2018 Audi A3 Release and Price

It must be available sometime in 2017 and we may say that the price for this model is always economical since there are some innovations that the company for its carrier and we think they will keep everything in that way for 2018 Audi A3 and it should be about $35,000 to $45,000 for the base.