2018 BMW i3 Specs, Review, Price And Release Date

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There will be a new design on the interior and exterior layout, so 2018 BMW i3 more elegant and attractive. The materials and features that offered have the premium quality to give convenience during driving. Besides that, the power of this car comes from the hybrid engine. 2018 i3 is a new generation manufactured by German automaker BMW. The car is designed as an urban electric car. The first generation was introduced in 2013. As a future car that has the modern and unique appearance, the manufacturer offers several updates for the features and materials to enhance better quality.

2018 BMW i3 Price
2018 BMW i3 Exterior

Talk about the exterior design, it has an elegant appearance. The bodywork is constructed using a lightweight material such as carbon fiber. As the result, 2018 BMW i3 has a lighter body than its predecessor. If the previous model has no the moon roof, so the latest BMW i3 will get the moonroof as the optional. Besides that, to enhance the view of driver’s field, there is available a rearview camera. This new model will come out with several colors include the protonic blue. It will be combined with black color.

2018 BMW i3 Interior

2018 BMW i3 is also equipped with GPS navigation. Besides that, there are several safety features to avoid crashing on the road such as lane changes and sensors as well as parking assistance. Seatbelts, airbags, stability and traction control, as well as rearview camera, are also available inside. The overall cabin will be constructed using a wood trim. There is a dark oak wood as the option. The material will be combined with the eucalyptus wood dash panels. There many new features that have high quality to give more enjoyable and convenience during traveling. The superfine leather material will cover all seats to give more comfortable.

2018 BMW i3 Engine

The other rumor mentions that the latest BMW i3 will be also powered using an electric motor. It will be fitted at the rear to generate 184 pounds-feet of torque and 170 horsepower. This engine has the capability to give great acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 7 seconds. To control the charge of the battery without being necessarily present, new BMW i3 is completed with Wi-Fi connectivity. The latest BMW i3 will be developed using the hybrid engine. There will be a new battery that has the capability to offer a higher capacity up to fifty percent, that is from the current 22 kWh to 33 kilowatt-hours. With mixed driving, the latest battery is able to cover the range of 114 miles. Therefore, the fuel tank of 2018 BMW i3 will be bigger than the previous model. The fuel tank is increased from 1.9 gallons to 2.4 gallons. Besides that, the battery charge will hit in 6.5 percent depletion. Compared with the previous model, the total range of this new BMW i3 is larger.

2018 BMW i3 Price And Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation officially by the company. The base price of this car possibility starts from $43,395. According to the rumor, 2018 BMW i3 will be debuted in Germany around the end of 2017.