2018 BMW i8 Specs, Models, Review, Price And Release Date

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Compared with the previous model, 2018 BMW i8 has the advantages in all aspects. Comfortable and appearance will be the main priority to enhance the quality car. Therefore, the automaker adds some attributes and features on the outside and inside layout. On the new platform, the latest BMW i8 will present high-quality performance. Besides that, the manufacturer offers more comfortable and entertain during driving. The car prepared to face the great rivals in the marketplace. One of the most famous sports cars in the automotive sector is 2018 BMW i8. The ‘I” series was introduced in 2011 for the first time as the electric sports car. For the first time, the i8 series was introduced as the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics. The first debut of BMW i8 was released in 2014. However, the manufacturer offers futuristic appearance to make new i8 look amazing on the road and in the marketplace.

2018 BMW i8 Price
2018 BMW i8 Exterior

The visual appearance of new BMW i8 will not only have an excellent design but also many innovative solutions. The car has the capability to draw the attention of people to posses it. The headlights and overall hood will be equipped with awesome LED technology. It will provide a better look in front side. The body structure of 2018 BMW i8 has many curves. The back of the car will have same characteristics as the front sides. New color for the latest car will make the affordable look. There will be silver alloy wheels to add a sporty look. Therefore, a new change of outside appearance will make the sports car more aggressive and aerodynamic look.

2018 BMW i8 Interior

The manufacturer also enhances the driving safety system with several functions such as rearview camera, parking assist, seat belt, airbags, and much more. To add more comfortable, all seats covered using high-quality leather materials. Appearance for cabin inside made up from superfine materials and modern attributes. Physical controls have the capability to enhance convenience in driving. 2018 BMW i8 equipped with the latest technology features such as voice commands, Air Touch, a navigation system, a large touch screen display, and another functional system.

2018 BMW i8 Engine

The engine has the capability to generate output around 360 horsepower. The power will be transferred to the front wheels drive, so 2018 BMW i8 will reach acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.4 seconds. The fuel consumption will be more efficient around 76 mpg in combined drive. According to the rumor, new BMW i8 also has a top speed of 160 mph. The future car of BMW i8 designed using strong engine under the hood to enhance the performance capabilities. The manufacturer offers a 1.5 liter 3-cylinder unit that will work together with an electric motor.

2018 BMW i8 Price And Release Date

Unfortunately, it has not confirmed yet. The base price will be slighter higher than the previous model around $145,000. As soon as possible, 2018 BMW i8 will face the stiff competition with the main rivals such as Ferrari LaFerrari, and Porsche 918 as well as Mc Laren P1.Based on the rumor the car will be introduced in 2017 or 2018.