2018 Dodge Ramcharger Concept, Specs, Release Date And Price

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If it is hard for you to consider whether you will buy an SUV or a minivan, it is better for you to wait for the new 2018 Dodge Ramcharger. This upcoming model will be the answer for those who need SUV as well as a minivan. You will love its agility and comfort as a minivan but love its power just like SUV.

8 Dodge Ramcharger Concept
2018 Dodge Ramcharger Exterior

We can say that this is one of the best strategies that Dodge wants to use because the popularity of minivan and SUV is quite high on the market. Therefore, they produce this car with high quality and great functionality. What is more is that the high level of convenience and comfort is also added. The front parts will get biggest changes with the use of large chrome hexagonal grille so that it gives a more modern look as well as dynamic LED headlights to install. A new and redesigned bumper is also added to support the integrated fog lights. We think that the company will retain the current styling cues that are still acceptable for future market. The dimension is increased while the weight is reduced with the presence of functional materials. This is a new SUV that is designed for all terrains with the improved line to give enhanced aerodynamic and the large glass roof that can be opened electronically on its upper side. The rear part has sharp and horizontal LED lights and the large doors will complete the trunk of 2018 Dodge Ramcharger.

2018 Dodge Ramcharger Interior

What we can say about the cabin is attractive and well-made. It comes with enough elegance and modernization. We do hope that they will replace some current plastic parts by chrome for a more stylish look but with functional design. The exterior dimension and wheelbase are increased and it will increase the interior space too. We appreciate that 2018 Dodge Ramcharger has big luggage capacity with the foldable rear seats for more volume. The dashboard and instrument are redesigned. A navigation system will be replaced by a modern system with wide features such as new audio system, more speakers, voice commands, hands-free calling and much more.

2018 Dodge Ramcharger Engine

2018 Dodge Ramcharger will receive 6.4-liter four-cylinder and HEMI engine to generate about 440 hp and 460 l-ft of torque. This SUV will provide efficient fuel consumption which is about 26 mpg on highways and 19 mpg in the city. This engine is quite economical and the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph can be done in 7.1 seconds. We expect that it will use six-speed auto transmission.

2018 Dodge Ramcharger Release Date and Price

It seems that you should be more patient to anticipate it. It should be ready for the market at the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2018 with the unknown estimated price for 2018 Dodge Ramcharger.