2018 Ferrari California Concept, Review, Redesign, Changes, Specs, Release Date And Price

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Ferrari, the Italian automakers commonly loves to surprise and delight their fans by discharging a new effective car that is very potential on the market includes the convertible model that will come soon called 2018 Ferrari California T. It was about several months ago, the car was introduced for the American market. There is also a big indication of new cabriolet for the Western market place.

2018 Ferrari California Concept
2018 Ferrari California Exterior

Based on the concept, it is designed to complete the demand in the Western market and it will go with brightly new customization in form of the speed. Therefore, some improvements and updates are added for its new look. Ferrari will provide it with more aggressive exterior design to enhance its visual. In addition, the outer part of 2018 Ferrari California is expected to give effective speed performance. The fact is given by the management that this convertible car will get better setup around its body with enhanced aerodynamic characteristics. The most notable change is the new light weight aluminum system to enhance its power.

2018 Ferrari California Interior

Move to the cabin, it is expected to go with some new luxury components as well as resources. On the other hands, some reports mentioned that the company will leave the cabin untouched. Everything is still the same as the previous model. They might add fresh and functional controls in 2018 Ferrari California. But the center of attention will be the control that is inspired by F1 vehicles to make it spectacular inside. Some parts will be modernized and thanks to the 3-pod gauge bunch that will be kept. The most interesting part for those who want to anticipate its arrival will be the latest version of infotainment system and high-quality HVAC process.

2018 Ferrari California Engine

As for the powertrain, it seems Ferrari will support it with V6 engine and 2.9 liter Biturbo that is capable of producing the amount of output about 600 HP and it gives more charged variation when it goes with 3.8 liters V-shaped 7-cylinder engine to crank out about 560 HP for 2018 Ferrari California.

2018 Ferrari California Release Date and Price

Based on Car Journal reports, the new 2018 Ferrari California will come out sometime in 2018. It is speculated to start its debut at the end of the 2018 season. About the price tag, the starting model will be around $207,000 but it can be about $210,000 if you want to go with Handling Particular Package. It will be the strong rivals for Jaguar F-Type and Audi R8 V10.