2018 Fiat Panda New, Concept, Redesign, Specs, Review, Price And Release Date

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It totally needs a hard work for Fiat to produce their new 2018 Fiat Panda with some improvements and changes. It is predicted to come soon in the particular time. Many say that it will have more fashionable external design with the easier and sensible internal changes. The engine performance is much better than the previous model. It is reasonable for its loyal fans to wait for its arrival.

2018 Fiat Panda Price
2018 Fiat Panda Exterior

Several new touches will be added to complete the exterior part. It has a more stylish look with the use of new facial lines throughout its body. The bulging bumpers, portion rubbing lines with rounded fog and new headlamps will be some examples to give its new look to mark it as the new 2018 Fiat Panda. For more details, we cannot tell you more since the information availability about the car is very little.

2018 Fiat Panda Interior

Their way to define high comfort is to provide the cabin of 2018 Fiat Panda with practical and easier design than before. To achieve this goal, they will provide best materials for its quality level. In addition, it has a simpler dashboard with few new panels. It will get any new changes that are possible to be announced when the day for its launch is exposed officially. Therefore, we recommend you to keep following all issues about the car if you have high anticipation on it.

2018 Fiat Panda Engine

For its engine department, most likely Fiat will use 1.2-liter oil engine and it will be equipped with the all-wheel drive system. On the contrary, it is also rumored to have a 1.3-liter Multiple-jet diesel engine that will provide more output for the new 2018 Fiat Panda. Sadly, those two engines are not reported with the exact details such as the top speed, acceleration, engine efficiency and torque power. Although everything is still unclear, we only can expect that the car has a significant change in its engine department as the potential way to win people’s heart when it is ready to be launched.

2018 Fiat Panda2018 Fiat Panda Release Date and Price

In conclusion, no much information we can serve you on the table. There is no complete information available right now when we are searching more reports about 2018 Fiat Panda based on unofficial websites. What we can tell you especially for the price is still based on our speculation. We estimate that the cost should be about £14,000 for the basic models because it doesn’t get drastic changes.

2018 Fiat Panda Gallery