2018 Ford F350 Specs, Redesign, Models, Release Date And Price

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The automaker tries to provide more convenience and enjoyable for all occupants in their driving. Therefore, 2018 Ford F350 will be supported with high-quality materials and features. The vehicle is also designed to have better on-road and off-road capabilities. It means that the capability in all terrain conditions is excellent. 2018 Ford F350 is the latest heavy-duty truck, which has advanced attributes in all sides. Ford will give different look in both exterior and interior layout, so this vehicle has an attractive and sporty appearance. If it is compared with the previous model, new Ford F350 has top quality. This truck will be one of the strong rivals in the stiff competition.

2018 Ford F350 Price
2018 Ford F350 Exterior

The dimension of 2018 Ford F350 will be increased, so the vehicle has 246.8 inches length, 79.9 inches width, and 77.2 inches height. For stability the car, the wheels will be wider and larger than the previous model. Besides that, it will be black tinted and supported 156.7 inches wheelbase. Compared with the previous model, the suspension of new F350 has better quality. Bodywork will be built using lighter materials to reduce overall weight, so the speed performance has high quality. On the parts with an F-Series, the surface of new Ford F350 is quite curved. There are vertical V-shaped LED lights and large grille on the front end to give an aggressive look. The grille will be chromed.

2018 Ford F350 Interior

2018 Ford F350 also has super sound from audio instrument, a 10-inch LCD screen at the center console, cameras, and much more. The screen is not only useful to give clear graphics, but also control all sound system and other features as well as give set up communication in the car. Then the camera has the capability to give direction and avoid some accidents. There are available safety features such as airbags, parking assist, rearview cameras, seatbelts, and others. The high-quality material will cover the seats to add more comfortable. The seats can be an arrangement to give more storage space, so the seats can fold in several ways. Besides that, it will be supported with electronic lumbar to give more space of legroom and headroom.

2018 Ford F350 Engine

The engine has the capability to produce outputs around 405 pounds-feet of torque and 385 horsepower. The other optional, 2018 Ford F350 will be developed using a turbo unit to deliver outputs around 860 pounds-feet of torque and 440 horsepower. Based on the speculation, this new vehicle will reach fuel consumption around 35 gallons. Besides that, the acceleration of this new truck has a great number in few seconds. The latest pickup truck of Ford F350 will be powered by the high-quality engine under the hood. It offers a capacity of a 6.2-liter petrol V8 unit with 16 valves.

2018 Ford F350 Price And Release Date

The base price of this new pickup truck will be approximate $35,000. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about this new truck. In the stiff competition, 2018 Ford F350 will face the strong competitors around early months of 2018.