2018 Ford GT500 Specs, Review, Price And Release Date

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2018 Ford GT500 will be supported with the latest technology features inside to add comfortable. Besides that, the new style and shape of attributes outside will make the car more aggressive and masculine look. Materials in both outside and inside layout have capability to add elegant appearance, so the new sports car is able to draw the attention of buyers. Compared with the previous model, new Ford GT500 delivers powerful engine under the hood. It is prepared to face other strong rivals in the marketplace. Ford is one of the popular companies in the automotive sector. It has capability to produce high quality vehicles. Ford plans to introduce new model next year. It is called 2018 Ford GT500. The previous model has popularity in the marketplace. Therefore, Ford will provide changes to enhance the quality of this sports car.

2018 Ford GT500 Concept
2018 Ford GT500 Exterior

The materials are useful to help increase the quality performance of 2018 Ford GT500 by reducing overall weight of car. As the result, this new sports car has lower fuel consumption and high stability on the road. Besides that, all sides on the exterior will get new touches especially in the rear and front lights. At the rear, there will be a pair of canon-size outlets for exhaust. It is not placed in both sides, but the place is in the center. Significantly, the changes of outside layout have futuristic appearance. The body panels will be constructed using lightweight components. It contains of carbon fiber and the other lighter elements.

2018 Ford GT500 Interior

The manufacturer also offers the other new technology features, which have high quality. Besides that, the features are capability to provide more enjoyable and convenience during travelling. The latest Ford GT500 also completed with the safety features such as seat belts, airbags, rearview camera, parking assist sensors, and much more. Cabin of 2018 Ford GT500 designed to accommodate two people. It has more stylish with the latest features and elements. The model also equipped with a new digital gauge cluster to support the car’s interior design. In the center, we can also find a new color of touch screen display. It will feature navigation system.

2018 Ford GT500 Engine

The unit has better capacity than the previous model. Besides that, it is able to generate 600 horsepower. It categorized as amazing power to reach better fuel efficient and great acceleration within few seconds. The engine can be found a rumor mention in the 2017 F-150 Raptor model. However, it can deliver 500 horsepower. The manufacturer offers high quality of engine system to enhance the performance of new Ford GT500. Based on the rumor, there is available a 3.5 liter Ecoboost V6 unit under the hood of 2018 Ford GT500.

2018 Ford GT500 Price And Release Date

For the base price will go around $230,000. According to the rumor, 2018 Ford GT500 will arrive in the Detroit Auto Show with competitive price. It will be ready in 2017.