2018 Ford Thunderbird Concept, Specs, Changes, Redesign, Release Date And Price

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As a brand new model from Ford with a futuristic design and stylish look, the upcoming of 2018 Ford Thunderbird is totally in high anticipation. It is predicted to be the best car from Ford to battle with other sedans in its markets. Its arrival is really surprising, but it will go with high technology to support its modern design. We glad that Ford will use modern materials and stylish design without removing its old details. Thanks to the company that will present it with better efficiency but at the same time will retain its traditions.

2018 Ford Thunderbird Price
2018 Ford Thunderbird Exterior

Ford will redesign the exterior side and this brand new car will go with a retro look for its special touch. We couldn’t be happier when we heard rumors that it will have a modern twist. In addition, 2018 Ford Thunderbird has new materials but doesn’t cut its current weight. Amazingly, the materials can improve its fuel economy and enhance its stability. Some changes and modifications are expected such as the fog lights, windscreen, headlights, grille and side mirrors. Moreover, it is important to get new bumper, wheels, and headlights. The front hood shows its logo and the alloy wheels are in size of 18-inch. The front end has oval front grille as well as the front bumper.

2018 Ford Thunderbird Interior

2018 Ford Thunderbird has an impressive element inside. Ford has a plan to remove the current roof and it will lead to a significant change for the cabin. The car will go with black leather cover for the seats at front and rear. Even the dashboard has leather cover as well as the steering wheel. Yellow aluminum stripped design is added for its beautiful look. You can also find the modern features for safe and exciting driving experience. There is some infotainment system such as LCD, speakers, camera, MP3 and stereo sound system.

2018 Ford Thunderbird Engine

Under the hood, the car has the best performance in streets such as V8 engine and AJ-35 with the support of VVT technology system. It produces about 280 hp as well as 388 Nm of torque power. In addition, it will go with the five-speed auto transmission. For further details, we have to wait for more to know a bit close to the performance of 2018 Ford Thunderbird.

2018 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Price

The coming of 2018 Ford Thunderbird is still unknown yet, but it is assumed by auto experts to come out in the second half of 2017 with the price tag for the base model more than $45,000.