2018 Lincoln MKT Changes, Redesign, Specs, Release Date And Price

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A modern station wagon is in high demand and people are welcoming more luxury wagon cars. The launch of 2018 Lincoln MKT will be the sign that wagon is more than just a grocery or children transportation vehicle. It will be constructed from high quality with luxurious options for the combination of design and style. To keep its good reputation, it will have some enhancements.

2018 Lincoln MKT Redesign
2018 Lincoln MKT Exterior

As a luxury station wagon, some offerings will be improved and new. It will go with a luxury design for its exterior. The front end will get some improvements to mark it as the new 2018 Lincoln MKT. In another word, it has a slimmer design with the higher quality of lighting and improved level of visibility for the front grille. More changes are possible to offer but don’t expect drastic makeover.

2018 Lincoln MKT Interior

Move on the cabin side that is reported by some reliable sources that it will have luxurious features such as heated steering wheel, power liftgate, and power folding third-row seating, premium leather, cooled and heated second back seats along with a back seat with refrigerated console. The last is about the security and safety features in 2018 Lincoln MKT with the support of automotive technologies for its impressive cabin design. We can say that the car has a higher level of comfort because most features inside will be updated for the passengers and driver enjoyment.

2018 Lincoln MKT Engine

Regarding its performance, the forthcoming of the car will have paddle shifting gearbox and all-wheel drive setup. It is equipped with an advanced track with curve control, drive control as well as electric power-assisted steering. In addition, it will use EcoBoost engine with V8 and V6 engines. Two variants of EcoBoost engines could provide 303 hp 3.7 liters and the 3.5 liters has 365 hp. the base model is rumored to have 18 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway for 2018 Lincoln MKT. Sadly, we cannot reveal much detail about the engine such as its acceleration and top speed level. Therefore, we have to wait more time to know the official confirmation about the car.

2018 Lincoln MKT Release Date and Price

2018 Lincoln MKT-based on unofficial reports is possible to hit the dealership in the end of September or in the beginning of October in 2018. The base price has not been announced yet by the company but we estimate that the best price should be around $44,000 for the base model.