2018 McLaren 720S Specs, Msrp, Changes, Concept, Price And Release Date

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It is a British supercar that is expected to start its debut at 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Besides, the test mule has been spotted and some spy shots can be found through internet. The car is still under the development with the code name is P14, but for this one, this hypercar will e completed with 720s moniker that has 710 hp. It is quite important to replace the 650 with the new 2018 McLaren 720S and thankfully this project is still running well.

2018 McLaren 720S White Concept
2018 McLaren 720S Exterior

It is a new structure with lower weight to give stiffer and more rigid structure than the previous model. It has lower stance and the entering or existing will be easier than ever. The changes around 2018 McLaren 720S will also around the improved aerodynamics efficiency which is about 50% more than before. It has better downforce to offer improved stability and grip. Its engine cooling is also 15% improved. It will go with revolutionary changes to make it a bit far from the 650S and it will keep the same front end from the predecessor but it has more angular shape. The headlights will be placed at the corners, not on the fenders. The simpler body panels are available from the side with the lower beltline for a narrower cabin look. The side skirts and rear fenders are revised too.

2018 McLaren 720S Interior

Major overhaul will be presented for the cabin of 2018 McLaren 720S especially the dashboard. It is expected to have the optional auto lowering that can be applied every time the driver wants to enter the track mode. It supports the driver to have best view of the track while enjoying the racing performance. This optional dashboard feature wouldn’t sacrifice the visibility of the rpm, current gear and oil pressure. Even it is claimed by Dutch magazine that it has more streamlined dashboard than the predecessor. The all controls will be handled by the steering wheel controls and main instrument cluster.

2018 McLaren 720S Engine

2018 McLaren 720S also has new engine to make it faster than the previous model or even the rivals. It will be a supercar that will provide you about 720 hp. It sounds too much but it happens with the use of twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 engine that can be integrated to the new modular hybrid system so that it will replace the current 3.8 liter engine.

2018 McLaren 720S Release date and price

Probably, we will see the debut of 2018 McLaren 720S and we expect that the price will be more than $265,000.