2018 Mini Countryman Review, Changes, Redesign, Specs, Price And Release Date

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For its markets, the name of 2018 Mini Countryman is quite popular. Its big success can happen because of the high performance and great utility design. Now, it will be improved as the next generation for the future market. For F60, it will give you larger dimension with the larger chassis because it has shared chassis with 2017 BMW X1. This change will determine the seats and utility too. Of course, this is surprising news that many of us then think about this new car. Besides, the company will support it with many changes to make it as the second generation that should make it as the hot vehicle. The shared chassis can change it totally and perhaps it will be the largest mini in its class.

2018 Mini Countryman Release Date
2018 Mini Countryman Exterior

It is better to not expect a drastic change around the exterior because their main concern is in its cabin. Some of the outer parts will be the same as before. In fact, the previous model comes as a big hit and its styling cues perhaps are still adorable so we think that they might not offer many changes on it. The main highlight is on its tail lights. It seems that the company would not use horizontal design, but they want to make it different with the use of vertical taillights design. Their task is how they can separate the new 2018 Mini Countryman with the cooper five-door hatchback. Therefore, this car will be a bit similar to the future BMW X1. In addition, people start expecting to see the iconic circular headlights, chrome grille and wraparound windscreen with UKL1 front-wheel drive platform that is shared with X1.

2018 Mini Countryman Interior

For this new generation, the company will pay attention more in its cabin design. That is why they want to increase the dimensions. The shared UKL platform is quite possible with Clubman so that it can be wider than before and it will give a good impact, especially for the cabin space. The interior will be roomier for both passengers and the storage capacity can be increased. The chassis is wider so that the third seat in its back can be installed.

2018 Mini Countryman Engine

As the mark that they also develop its performance, the company will use new engines. It should be completed with the 3-cylinder unit and 1.5 liters for the base model and the higher trim will get 2.0 liter. We doubt that they will drop hybrid model for 2018 Mini Countryman. JCW can be your option for you who need better horsepower with enhanced tuned styling. The most interesting part is the performance. Rumors said that it can generate 330 hp.

2018 Mini Countryman Release Date and Price

So far, there is no accurate information yet about 2018 Mini Countryman, especially for the price. It should be released after 2017. We think that the price can be more than $25,000 for the base.