2018 Pontiac Trans AM Redesign, Specs, Changes, Release Date And Price

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You might be surprised if we tell you that the new 2018 Pontiac Trans AM is a bit like Chevy Camaro. As far as we know, there was platform sharing venture since 1990 and we think that the collaboration will create some engines to use. In the same season, Honda took similar way by collaborating with Honda Ford Mustang and Mercury Cougar.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Redesign
2018 Pontiac Trans AM Exterior

So, we must say that the collaboration will make the new 2018 Pontiac Trans AM as Camaro and it sounds like they are a twin. It is quite possible for you to see several contemporary details on its design with the high convenience to complete the modern trend. We are sure that there should be something different from Camaro so we can easily differentiate this car with its twin.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Interior

When you go inside, there are some advanced technology features to give you high excitement such as art speakers, touchscreen technology, speech instruction, routing and more. The cabin is also quite spacious that can give high comfort for passengers and drivers as the new 2018 Pontiac Trans AM. As other new cars, there will be some updates for its technology features to give a high level of security, infotainment, and entertainment system for this coupe.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Engine

How about the performance? Well, no official announcement has been made but there is a big indication that the company will be presented in two editions. First, it can be the V6 engine and 3.6 liters of capacity to offer the amount of output about 350 hp and also 270 lb-ft of torque power. The top speed can be around 155 mph, while the second engine is V8 and 6.2 liters of capacity to pump out the power or about 420 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque with the same top rate that is 155 mph. The benefit if you anticipate the second engine is that you will get better acceleration than the first for 2018 Pontiac Trans AM. For further information, we will reveal it soon as possible.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Release Date and Price

As we already told you that the company doesn’t make any official statement which means we only can rely on gossips. Its release date is quite close to making it as the new 2018 Pontiac Trans AM. It can be at the end of 2016 with the price tag that should not be more than $22,000. We think that the cost is quite nice for those who need an affordable car that gives adequate power and design.