2018 Suzuki Swift Redesign, Specs, Price And Release Date

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In the upcoming year, Suzuki will present their new 2018 Suzuki Swift as sports hatch with all-new replacement as well as turbocharged powertrain. In the latter half of 2017, the subsequent generation of 2018 Suzuki Swift might come out with the engine that is adopted from Vitara-Sthat is the high-performance edition called Vitara-S Turbo and1.4 liter turbocharged inline 4-unit to offer the amount of output for about 103kW and 220Nm.

2018 Suzuki Swift Price
2018 Suzuki Swift Exterior

What rumors say is that the new generation will be on diet. The weight is targeted under 1 ton. As fat as we know that the current model of 2018 Suzuki Swift has its weight about 1060kg, which is quite lighter compared to its all rivals.

2018 Suzuki Swift Interior

A more scoped design will be used to complete the cabin side. It makes the car great for personalization. Several customization options are also available to make buyerseasily choose based on their demand. This way makes the new 2018 Suzuki Swift can be accepted easily by buyers kWhdifferent needs. Since the rivals are cars from Ford, Suzuki should give latest technology features with luxury details so it can be the winner in this battle.

2018 Suzuki Swift Engine

Under the hood, the current model is designed with naturally aspirated and 1.6-literinline-four that is possible to offer the amount of output about 100kW and 160Nm, which we think that the output is still behind the rivals such as Ford Fiesta ST with its 134kW/240Nm and Volkswagen Polo GTI for 141kW/320Nm. For thefuture market, it is reasonable for 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport to get Boosteret four-cylinder turbo petrol 1.4 liter and138bhp that will be borrowed from Vitara S. This engine can generate the equal output as recent sports cars, but the difference is that it has improved torque power since the weight is lighter than its rivals. It gives advantages, especially for its fast acceleration.

2018 Suzuki Swift Release Date and Price

2018 Suzuki Swift was released for its first debut in 2000 in Japan and it was designed to replace Suzuki Cultus. In 2004, the company released the second generation while the current model was released in 2010 as the third generation. Now, they are ready to offer the fourth generation in 2018. The all-new model will be launched for theIndian market at the end of 2017 and its launch can be in November. For the price, we suggest that it is a bit more affordable than Ford. This strategy can help the car to be the top option.