2018 Toyota Corolla New, Models, Redesign, Changes, Specs, Release Date And Price

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The current model was launched on US market in 2013 and it was the eleventh generation. It is impossible to say it as a contemporary car. It looks old and less interesting to drive. It is no longer a great option for those who are anticipating a new car in the future. Besides, there are more interesting cars we can find on the market with the cost-effective design. It is no wonder that the sales record of Corolla keep going down and the coming of 2018 Toyota Corolla can be a life-saver.

2018 Toyota Corolla Models
2018 Toyota Corolla Exterior

The present design comes with 3 various variants and the upcoming of 2018 Toyota Corolla will be a real for the global market. It is now will be completed with a brand new modular platform from Toyota that is also used for the brand new Prius. Instead of being lighter, the car has more stiff chassis and the VH levels will be improved to enhance the substantial design. It will also get a brand new suspension system with little stiffer shocks and springs. A brand new chassis will support it to have better driving experience and the greater rigidness for its frame will only make it more conventional.

2018 Toyota Corolla Interior

The brand new 2018 Toyota Corolla will be larger than the previous model. It doesn’t mean that the car has a dull and too big appearance. The wheelbase will be enlarged so that it is a little bit longer and larger. This can make it much better for its look. The cabin is very comfortable with the additional area because it is now more spacious than before. Some details and elements inside will remind you to the brand new Prius.

2018 Toyota Corolla Engine

Move on the engine side that the company will also keep some existing engine options that are still acceptable on the market. But, it also has some improvements to provide. The base model of 2018 Toyota Corolla will be designed with 1.5 liters naturally aspirated inline 3-engine and the turbocharged variation is still have similar output. The output range they can provide is from 100 hp to 180 hp for US market. Some markets in the world will get a diesel. There is also 1.4 liter that is anticipated to come with the brand-new cylinder to create 100 hp but with better fuel effectiveness.

2018 Toyota Corolla Release date and price

2018 Toyota Corolla is possible to come out on the market at the end of 2017. The base model will be available under $18,000. It will get more functions to make it attractive for the future market.