Honda CRV 2019 Redesign, Specs, News, Concept, Release Date And Price

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A revolutionary design will be presented in Honda CRV 2019 and that is the latest report we find right now. It happens because Honda’s Japanese division published a teaser sketch and suggests that there will be some shared elements to the new Civic that was early introduced last year as the tenth-generation. It has a notable design with the elongated vertical tail lamps just like CR-V that was introduced in 1997 and it has smaller C-shaped LED inserts to complete this styling cue.

Honda CRV 2019 Redesign
Honda CRV 2019 Exterior

It is also has been confirmed by the company that they want to use the same platform as new Civic for Honda CRV 2019. Buyers still can find out the standard model with the five passengers to support but Honda is rumored that they will expand the lineup to offer a longer version that supports even more than seven passengers for the future market. Thanks for the new platform that the car can give you lighter weight but with sturdy performance. A good handling and good performance are still presented.

Honda CRV 2019 Interior

Some improved features will complete this new generation. The panel dashboard has a built-in mode and it is completed with improved security as well as safety features. You can enjoy the Wi-Fi port, internet connection, and high-quality seats cover for ultimate comfort. Besides, the seats are foldable and shiftable to complete the current demand. The Touring model will be designed with more features like special headlamps for better visibility and extended GPS.

Honda CRV 2019 Engine

Even reports mentioned that Honda is also possible to offer more changes to support its performance. It is quite promising to give plug-in hybrid engine that is constructed from gasoline 2.0 liter and four-cylinder paired with two electric motors. If this comes to be true, it means that it will be the first plug-in car that is available among non-electrified variants. It sounds reasonable to use 2.4 liter and four-cylinder unit in the current model with the small displacement of four-banger with the support of turbocharger. Honda CRV 2019 has both front and all-wheel drive system to offer but it will go with auto transmission.

Honda CRV 2019 Release Date and Price

Speaking about the schedule for its release, Honda CRV 2019 should arrive in 2018 to complete the competition in 2019. Next year, the company will start the debut at American Auto Show. For the price tag, we think that the base price can be around 25,000 dollars. It can be more than that because everything is still based on speculation.