New 2018 BMW 1 Series Concept, Specs, Redesign, Changes, Release Date And Price

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You wouldn’t regret if you have a plan to anticipate the automotive competition in 2018, especially in compact luxury cars segment. There, you will see the coming of new 2018 BMW 1 series. BMW is a high popular German automaker that can beat your attention in almost all cars segment. The great news is that it is quite possible to come with a different design from the X1 model. We glad that rumors said it will be an affordable car in future with its character, change, and qualities that are hard to ignore. The design is perfect with the youthful, forceful but doesn’t lose its urban style. A better quality can be seen through its functional systems.

New 2018 BMW 1 Series Redesign
New 2018 BMW 1 Series Exterior

The first thing that we must highlight is that it is ready to be a luxury car. It means that BMW has a big task to complete it with some interesting and futuristic attributes as its update to give more than a better look. About the outer part, we have no doubt to trust BMW. BMW has the big capability to complete it with new elements to complete the bodywork. Rumors said that the body materials will be lighter than before to give a higher quality performance in this new edition that at the same time can improve the stability and fuel efficiency. In addition, new 2018 BMW 1 series comes with minor changes around its rear and front end with the support of LED technology. The headlights and taillights look more distinctive than the previous model. We do expect that the car has revised grille in more interesting shape, but what we all hear right now have not been confirmed by BMW, so we must wait.

New 2018 BMW 1 Series Interior

Based on the latest report, BMW seems would not add dramatic changes in its cabin. Just like the outer part, the cabin would only get light improvements. Their main prior is providing this latest car with the more advanced technology features from the latest development. It will come with the more convenient driving experience design with the updated infotainment and entertainment features to make you comfortable riding this new 2018 BMW 1 series. The significant enhancements are also possible for the security features.

New 2018 BMW 1 Series Engine

So far, the performance details have not been published yet by BMW but we keep collecting some rumors. It is mentioned by many automotive sites that it might go with the higher quality engine for its hood. A possible candidate is the 2.0 liter and twin turbo four-cylinder engine to pump out about 360hp. On the other hand, it is also rumored to have a three-barrel and four-chamber unit to lift its performance up especially for the highway and city. Those engines will be mated to the six-speed manual and the automatic is possible to come too. New 2018 BMW 1 series is expected to have only 8 seconds to accelerate from 00 to 60 mph with the top speed that can be about 135 mph.

New 2018 BMW 1 Series Release Date and Price

Still regardless the fact, new 2018 BMW 1 series comes for US market with the price that is still affordable and it will be the main rivals for Mercedes CLA or Audi A3. The starting price can be around $32,000 and the release date should be sometime in 2017.